THATCamp Pedagogy Eve

Several months ago, I applied for the opportunity to participate in #THATCamp Pedagogy at Vassar College. THAT stands for The Humanities and Technology Camp and the weekend is an opportunity for open collaboration and information sharing with people looking for new and better ways to use technology in a variety of teaching and learning experiences. I was pretty excited when I received notification of my acceptance. Now that the time is actually here, I’m very excited and a little nervous.

So, to set the tone, I am making a list of hopes for both myself and for the experience. I’m not going to call them goals because I am already about two breaths shy of a total freak-out and I don’t need to add any extra pressure…hahaha.

1. I hope that I am a good community member – an active participant in a cooperative, if not collaborative, environment.

2. I hope that I add value to the experience – that what I contribute is found to be useful in some way to my fellow campers.

3. I hope that I let myself have fun.

4. I hope that the experience rejuvenates and refocuses and refines my own ideas and perspectives and goals.

5. From our first messages, I am already confident that many other campers believe in a learner-centered approach. I hope that I meet a few of them. It would be really great to get to know them :-)

Tomorrow is the big day!

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