Post THATCamp Pedagogy 2011

First, much gratitude to Matt S. and everyone with the power (you know who you are ;-) ) at Vassar and THATCamp for hosting Pedagogy 2011. Second, my thanks to whoever reviewed applications and stamped me a yes, even though I am not a faculty member serving the traditional higher education student population. Third, thank you to all fellow campers for graciously including me and accepting my differentness. Fourth, my apologies to anyone who actually reads this; I’m certain that it would be better written if I wasn’t fighting exhaustion and cognitive overload. Speaking of that… to those of you who think that I am a crazy multi-tasker – I ain’t got nothin’ on campers. They are simultaneously writing session notes, hacking resources, composing a group bibliography, tweeting back-channel, and participating in a live and lively discussion. WoW. I am totally blown away. Right now, my poor little brain is like Rocky Balboa after the fight – maybe I coulda been a contender…  For now, there are no art museum steps in my plan for the remainder of the day ;-)

I’m gonna pull a Scarlett O’Hara and I’ll think about that tomorrow!

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