The Transformative Power of Adult Education

To my own detriment, many times I have written with my heart exposed out on my sleeve!

I regularly mentor remarkable adult students who fight to find ways to get an education and keep the rest of the wheels on the bus moving forward. Their struggle hits close to home because the memories of scrounging for enough money to buy milk in between paychecks are still fresh and vivid for me. While it is very true that we all make choices AND that we each have a responsibility to figure out how to work and live with them, I would give every cent that I have to a single parent (or anyone else) who wanted an education. I have seen what education can do to lift a family out of poverty and all of the ripples that continue to produce positive results long afterward. It doesn’t happen every time and I’m not sure how often it really does, but the potential is there (and I am all about optimizing that potential :-) ).

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