UPDATED: Blogging is Personal, but Audience Matters


I try to keep my blog accessible and relevant and open for public consumption, but I have no doubts about my limited reach. In other words, I try to write things that I think someone else might find value in – over just keeping a personal online diary – even though I know there are not that many people reading my blog. I mean my highest traffic day was a mere 27 views. Today, to anyone reading this, I am asking you to indulge me.

Back Story:

Always on the lookout for new opportunities to be an active participant in this great life, I remember the day that I saw the announcement. Penn State – and specifically World Campus – was looking for student bloggers. This is important, because as a World Campus student, I have learned from experience to always read the fine print which typically shows  disqualifying requirements for full-time students, residential students, and the like.

Finding nothing to prohibit my participation, I completed the forms and sent them off into cyberspace. Then I forgot about it, but only because I never count on these things to work out. It’s not a lack of self-esteem or self-efficacy, not anymore. Being an adult online student pretty much cured me of that! I guess it is just the realist in me. Plus, the news of acceptance always becomes a glorious celebration!

Sometime later, there was just such a celebration when I received notification of my acceptance as a World Campus student blogger. You mean somebody is going to pay me for this, I asked? That doesn’t seem quite right. I was going to do it for free. At the time, I had no idea that this new opportunity would provide me with an outlet to send a message about the loss of Joe Paterno.

The 2010 Nittany Lion Football Team

Fast Forward to the Present…

It’s been a tough week for the Penn State family as we cope with the passing of Joe Paterno. After swearing that I was never going to write about the events of the past few months, there I was crying and typing out a very emotional blog post about Joe Paterno and World Campus students in mourning and being part of the global Penn State community and finding a silver lining in the bright night haze above Beaver Stadium. This blog, my blog, could have never done it justice…

So, today I am grateful.

I am so thankful that World Campus allowed me to interject that post into their blog, and at basically a moment’s notice, so that the message could reach a larger audience.

I am also very thankful to the photographers of the image that inspired me to write; since like most World Campus students, I have had to view the events on campus through the eyes of others. Thank you for allowing me to share your meaningful image. Thank you both for responding to online pleas from some student that you never met. And when I talk about Penn State and Joe Paterno and what it means to belong to their family, this attention and kindness and willingness to help is what I am talking about…

The blog post and image can be found here:


UPDATE – 1/31/12

The photographers of the image in my original World Campus blog post, who I mentioned above, have donated it for the benefit of THON 2012!

Visit the site below to purchase a variety of reasonably priced items that include this image in high-resolution:


100% of the proceeds from the sale of this image will be donated to THON

You can choose to include the powerful statement: “WE ARE…BECAUSE YOU WERE” over the top third. Cherish this moment captured in time and share it with your Penn State family. All proceeds will be donated to THON 2012. FTK!

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