Become a Member? In Search Of…

Adult learner? I bet you are over-scheduled; your time stretched pretty thin. I know that mine is. Still, I want to continue to grow by finding new ways to learn and to share and to broaden my perspectives. In trying to balance a few full plates with my desire for personal development, I have become more selective when seeking out opportunities in which to contribute my time and talents.

Why? That’s easy! I want to make an impact…

I need to be where not only my voice will be heard, but where every voice will be heard. I am in search of a community where members are treated with tolerance and dignity. If there is no time to listen to questions and concerns – whether positive or negative – then how can members be expected to feel a part of the community? A focus on community-building and valuing every community member is critical. Without it, there is little chance for engagement and sustainability.

I want to be where I am needed, where time and effort are expected, respected,  and appreciated. I cannot be planted in a bureaucracy where all I am is another vote to approve the minutes from the last meeting. I need to invest, to believe in the cause, to have input on the agenda. I am in search of a community working toward a shared vision. Let’s solve problems, make progress, and effect change. We can accomplish great things together!

I need open doors and shared resources, a place where communication, cooperation, and collaboration are favored over sole authority and grandstanding. I am in search of creative exchanges and brainstorming sessions, where community members are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences. Life is a learning experience and every one in it a teacher.

I expect effective leadership keen on reciprocal dialog, a group of individuals who model the values expected from others. I am in search of a leadership team focused on fulfilling the objectives outlined in the mission through the creation of a supportive culture, rather than the singling out of any one individual or agenda.

I want to contribute to a flexible, proactive community. There is almost always more than one possible approach or solution. I am in search of an organization where roadblocks are challenges and where mistakes are learning experiences.

Am I being idealistic or unrealistic? I just want a good fit. I just want to do good things. Am I asking too much?

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