Who Am I?

Professional business administrator and amateur community manager turned community strategist. ;-)

MISSION: vibrant communities of engaged members


1. Facilitate active participation in community experiences.

2. Create connected member networks.

3. Develop communities and community resources supporting goals and growth – personal, academic, professional – as members work to bring about change within themselves, within their communities, and around the world.

I welcome opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organizations in ongoing efforts to create, enhance, and maintain vibrant communities.

What’s next?

Find Me on Linked in.


2 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Clayton –

    What a day that was! I am very interested in contributing and I have contacted you directly via e-mail. Please let me know what you have in mind.


  2. Clayton Brumbaugh

    Will you be interested in working with our executive borad and advisor Shawna Clup on the World Campus Blue and White Society initiatives?

    I don’t know if we met at the 2009 All-U day, but I was also one of those sitting in my pajamas trying to win a ticket and walk on the field. I am from Seattle, so I was prepared with enough warm clothes for the freezing loss to Iowa. I even gave up my jack to a freezing student.

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