Collaborating Online –

No Need to Dread Working in a Group!

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Collaboration among online learners requires time, flexibility, a positive attitude, and a commitment to getting the job done. Here are a couple of tips to help manage group projects.

Put group work first. Try to remember that the other team members are your partners and that the success of the group depends upon each member meeting established expectations and deadlines. Therefore, when you have a group project, try to make it a priority.

Follow the Golden Rule and treat others how you want to be treated. As one part of a larger – and mostly unseen – group, it is easy to imagine that your partners are very similar to you, but that is an unrealistic and unfair expectation.

Establish clear roles and responsibilities. Even with a plan in place, each group member needs to understand exactly what they are expected to contribute and when they need to deliver it. To facilitate ongoing communication, try setting up a team in ANGEL and be sure to email replies to all group members so that no one falls behind, gets lost, or feels isolated.

For more tips on collaborating online, visit my blog posts (part 1 & part 2) at The Corner of College & Allen.

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